SAMS Project

About Us

The SAMS Project, run by St Anthony Family Medical Practice, , aims to improve the skills of GPs and practice nurses in screening for dementia and providing post diagnostic care and support for people living with dementia.

SAMS has a consultant geriatrician and psycho-geriatrician available, who offer dementia assessment if required, whilst the patients’ GP continues to offer medical and other supportive care.

Further questions or concerns about memory loss or dementia?

Irrespective of age, if you are worried about your own/ someone else’s memory, thinking or behaviour


If you, or someone you care about, already has a dementia diagnosis but you/ they need more information and support, please talk with the GP or Practice nurse


Contact Alzheimer’s Australia Vic on Ph. 1800 100 500


All St Anthony’s Family Medical Practices are involved in an ongoing research project which involves the collection of patient information about dementia screening and dementia assessment.

If you do not wish to have your patient information collected as part of this ongoing research, you can choose to ‘opt-out’. Opting out means that you choose not to have your patient information collected for research purposes.

To opt-out of the research you can either:

  • Advise your GP or Practice nurse during or after dementia screening


  • After screening, advise the SAMS Project Manager.